tishadow supports jasmine bdd tests. (insipration taken from these two projects: titanium-jasmine and jasmine-titanium)

include your specs in the spec path of your project, ensuring the files end with _spec.js.

simply write the spec without any including/requiring the jasmine library; they will be added for you

to execute the tests enter the following command

tishadow spec

the test results will be returned to the server/cli output

Spec Output

see the included example project or this blog post


tishadow also supports the use of simple assertions and the results are returned either to the browser or server logs

For example:

    assert.isNumber(6, "Testing if 6 is a number");
    assert.isArray([1,2,3,4], "Testing if it is an array");

the following assertion are supported: equal, strictEqual, deepEqual, isTrue, isFalse, isEmpty, isElement, isArray,isObject, isArguments, isFunction, isString, isNumber, isFinite, isBoolean, isDate, isRegExp, isNaN, isNull, isUndefined, lengthOf, match, has

also the equivalent not assertions are available as well, e.g. notEqual, isNotString, isNotNumber, etc


you can use the @ operator to proceed your commands. when any files in the Resources or spec directories are modified the command that follows will executed. for example:

tishadow @ spec --update -l nl

there are a number of other techniques to automatically push your changes whenever you save any changes to your code. see these links